Team Building for Managers Workshop

Course Duration 1 Day 

Team building is an important part of the work experience. It is not only applicable to your work
life, but also transfers over to your personal and social life. When working with a team, it is important to fully engage yourself. One should take the time and proper steps, to become the best team member they can be.

With our Team Building for Managers workshop, your participants will learn how important team
building is and how beneficial it can be. Through this workshop, your participants will gain a new perspective on teamwork, and become a valuable member to any team they are placed in. Follow the information in this workshop and create a positive atmosphere within your company with the use of teams.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to :

  • Discuss the benefits of team work
  • Understand the importance of intentionally fostering teamwork
  • Determine strategies your organization can take to build teams
  • Understand the benefits of games and social activities in building a team
  • Apply the principles of team building to your own organization

Course Outline

What Are the Benefits of Team Building?

Better Communication and

Conflict Resolution




Types of Team Building Activities




Social Gatherings


Games for Introductions

Games to Build Camaraderie

Games for Problem-Solving

Games to Stimulate


More Team Building Games

Games to Build Trust

Games to Motivate

Games to Build


Games for Conflict Resolution


Activities to Build Camaraderie

Activities for Idea Sharing

Activities to Build Trust

Activities to Stimulate


More Team Building Activities

Activities to Motivate

Activities to Improve Working Together

Activities to Build


Activities for Conflict Resolution

Social Gatherings



Physical Activities


Common Mistakes When Team Building

Allowing Cliques to Develop

Not Delegating Tasks

Rewarding in Private/Criticising in Public

Disjointed Plans of Grandeur

Formatting a Team Building Plan

Define the Goal

Consult Team Members

Research and Create Structure

Keep It Fun


Was the Goal Met?

Was the Team Building Cohesive?

What Did the Team Think of the Team Building?

How Can the Team Building Be Improved for Next Time?

Download this outline as a PDF.

Team Building for Managers Outline – Full Day