Project Management Basic

Course Duration 1 Day 

Course Objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to :

  • Identify the features and attributes of a project; and identify the steps and variables of the project management process.
  • Identify the components of project scope; gain project authorization; use common project selection methods; write an end-deliverable description and a project charter; determine the actions integral to scope planning; write a scope statement; follow a scope management plan; and prevent scope creep.
  • Identify the process and benefits of scope definition and verification; develop the work breakdown structure (WBS) and the work package; identify the types of information that stakeholders need in order to verify the project scope; identify actions involved in controlling changes; and identify the role of a scope change control system
  • Identify the components of time management; identify the purpose of activity definition and sequencing; recognize different diagramming techniques; identify the factors affecting activity duration; and identify techniques for estimating activity duration.
  • Describe schedule development; use mathematical analysis techniques for schedule
    development; identify the purpose of schedule control; and describe the importance of schedule adherence.
  • Identify the necessary project resources by using a WBS and other tools; identify resource types and assign resources; make cost approximations; assess the effect of risk and activity duration on cost estimates; and apply cost estimating techniques.
  • Use capital budgeting and depreciation methods for project budgeting; control project costs; calculate cost and schedule variance; and compute a projects estimate at completion (EAC) and variance at completion (VAC).

Course Outline

Fundamentals of Project Management


The Project Management Process

Characteristics of a Project

The Project Environment

The Project Manager

The Project Team

Project Initiation & Scope Planning

Project Initiation

Scope Planning

Scope Definition, Verification & Change Control

Scope Definition

Scope Verification

Scope Change Control

Time Management

Activity Definition & Sequencing

Activity Duration

Schedule Development & Control

Schedule Development

Schedule Control

Resource Identification & Cost Approximating

Resource Identification

Cost Approximating

Budgeting & Cost Control

Cost Budgeting

Cost Control

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Project Management outline