Traditional Training Solutions

Our traditional solution focusses on traditional hands on classroom training at your premises, but with a difference…

  • Sessions are customised to YOUR organisation’s specific needs.
  • No time is wasted on topics that aren’t relevant to your organisation.
  • Skills and tools are focussed and referenced back to your organisation increasing retention and relevance.
  • No need for staff to leave the workplace
  • Sessions are short – generally no more than 3hrs in duration

We work WITH you to do all the heavy lifting:

  • We speak with stakeholders to determine desired outcomes
  • We liaise with participants to determine their needs and outcomes
  • We provide recommendations on session structure and content
  • We can manage the process from on-line surveys to telephone interviews to inviting participants to training sessions….we can even provide you with email text to send to staff!
  • We make it EASY for you to provide your organisation with productivity focussed computer training that is specific and delivers a REAL return on investment and makes YOU look like a superstar for coming up with the idea!

Want to know more?

Call our office +61 3 9457 4745 or email your name and contact details to and we will call your for a no obligation conversation.

Whilst our solutions aren’t cheap, our solutions often end up costing LESS than sending staff offsite to a generic training session and with better return on investment and engagement with staff.