We recognise that every organisation has different needs and that one size doesn’t fit all.

Our tiered offerings are designed to suit how YOU want to operate.

They are fully customisable to meet your needs and budget.

Whether you want to dip your toe in the water, or dive right in, we offer a range of solutions designed to suit the needs of most organisations.


For those seeking traditional hands on classroom training solution, but with a Prime Solutions twist.

Hands on training with a difference

Customised to your organisational needs

Shorter chunks of time

On your premises

Relevant to your business


For those wanting training beyond a classroom with continuation of learning beyond the classroom for three months or more to really embed learning.

High Performing

For organisations committed to empowering their staff to produce their best with the technology they already own. This option combines a range of delivery methodologies to suit needs, budget, staff and geographical disbursement.

Not sure which one is right for you?

Why not give our office a call.

Our team will be happy to speak with you to determine the right fit for your organisation.