How Donna Can Help

Did you know that I often do small consulting projects for clients and contacts?

In 2023 I have capacity to take on a few small projects to enable you to:

a/ Get a common task automated, saving you time, money and stress;

b/ Take a task off your to do list, enabling you to get to something that you know is urgent and important but you’ve had other priorities demanding your attention

c/ Get access expertise you don’t have (nor do you need to develop) to solve a problem, enabling you to focus on your expertise but still look like a superstar to your clients or team;

d/ Get a process documented in text based and/or video format for ongoing use or training of staff.

If there is something in your to-do list that you want to get off, a process you want automated or documented to enable your team to do it anytime, why not schedule a 10 minute discovery call to see if I can help.  There is no obligation, but please recognise this is NOT a free consulting call, it’s an opportunity for us to explore if there is a commercial beneficial opportunity.

To arrange a time to speak, email with Can Donna Help? in the subject and we can arrange a time to speak.

Let me help you to get more done in 2023!