Microsoft Word 2016 – Introduction

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Table of Contents

Your First Document

Creating Documents in Word

Typing Text

The Save As Place

The Save As Dialog Box

Typing Numbers

Saving a New Document on Your Computer

Typing Numbers

Inserting a Date

Document Proofing

Checking Spelling and Grammar

Making Basic Changes

Saving an Existing Document

Printing a Document

Safely Closing a Document

Working With a Document

The Open Place

The Open Dialog Box

Opening an Existing Document

Navigating With the Keyboard

Scrolling Through a Document

Page Zooming

Viewing the Ruler

Showing Paragraph Marks

Counting Words

Viewing Documents

Viewing Multiple Pages

Splitting the Window

Opening a New Window

Understanding Document Views

Changing Document Views

Understanding Read Mode

Viewing a Document in Read Mode

Viewing Gridlines

Working With Text

Techniques for Selecting Text

Selecting Text Using the Mouse

Selecting Text Using the Keyboard

Editing Text in Insert Mode

Editing Text in Overtype Mode

Deleting Text

Using Undo

Using Redo

Understanding Find and Replace

Finding Words

Replacing Words

Using Go To

Cutting and Copying

Understanding Cutting and Copying

Cutting and Pasting

Copying and Pasting

Drag and Drop Cutting

Drag and Drop Copying

Using the Clipboard Task Pane

Text Appearance

Understanding Font Formatting

Understanding Font Formatting Tools

Working With Live Preview

Changing Fonts

Changing Font Size

Increasing and Decreasing Font Size

Making Text Bold

Italicising Text

Underlining Text

Highlighting Text

Changing Case

Changing Text Colour

Using the Format Painter

Using the Font Dialog Box

Clearing Font Formatting

Working With Paragraphs

Understanding Paragraph Formatting

Understanding Text Alignment

Changing Text Alignments

Changing Line Spacing

Changing Paragraph Spacing

Indenting Paragraphs

Outdenting Paragraphs

Starting a Bulleted List

Adding Bullets to Existing Paragraphs

Removing Existing Bullets

Starting a Numbered List

Numbering Existing Paragraphs

Creating a Multilevel List

Removing Existing Numbers

Borders and Shading Dialog Box

Shading Paragraphs

Applying Borders to Paragraphs

Shading Paragraphs

The Paragraph Dialog Box Indents and Spacing

The Paragraph Dialog Box Line and Page Breaks

Using the Paragraph Dialog Box

Working With Pages

Changing Page Margins

Setting Custom Margins

Changing Page Orientation

Changing Paper Sizing

Setting Custom Paper Sizes

Inserting Page Breaks

Removing Page Breaks

Inserting Page Numbers

Formatting Page Numbers

Removing Page Numbers


Using Default Tabs

Setting Tabs on the Ruler

Modifying Tabs on the Ruler

Setting Tabs in the Tabs Dialog Box

Setting Tab Leaders

Setting Bar Tabs

Setting Mixed Tabs

Removing Tabs


Understanding Tables

Creating a Table

Adding Data to a Table

Selecting in Tables Using the Ribbon

Selecting in Tables Using the Mouse

Inserting Columns and Rows

Deleting Columns and Rows

Changing Column Widths

Changing Row Heights

Autofitting Columns

Shading Cells

Modifying Borders

Adding Custom Borders

Choosing a Table Style


Understanding Pictures

Understanding Online Pictures

Inserting a Picture

Inserting an Online Picture

Selecting Pictures

Positioning Pictures

Applying Text Wrapping Styles

Resizing a Picture

Applying Picture Styles to Pictures

Resetting Pictures

Changing the Picture

Cropping a Picture

Deleting Pictures

Performing a Mail Merge

Understanding Mail Merge

Understanding the Mail Merge Process

Creating a Recipient List

Creating the Starting Document

Starting the Mail Merge Wizard

Selecting a Recipient List

Inserting Mail Merge Fields

Previewing the Merged Documents

Completing the Merge

Printing Your Documents

Understanding Printing

Previewing Your Document

Quick Printing

Selecting a Printer

Printing the Current Page

Specifying a Range of Pages

Specifying the Number of Copies

Getting Help

Understanding How Help Works

Using Tell Me

Accessing the Help Window

Navigating the Help Window

Using Google to Get Help

Printing a Help Topic

A Guide to Brilliant Documents

The Four Pillars of Great Design

Perfect Page Layouts

Make It Readable

Pictures Tell a Story

The Tips and Traps of Writing

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Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016