Excel – List and Databases

½ Day [3hrs] Hands On Training Course

Designed for current users of Excel this session explores using Excel as a database, sorting, filtering and analyzing data in lists.


This session is best run hands on with participants utilising a computer

What You Will Cover:

    • Excel as a Database
    • How to set up an Excel Database
    • Format as Table
    • Sorting
    • Custom Sort
    • Auto Filters
    • Custom Filters
    • Calculations for Filtered Lists
    • Pivot Tables
    • Design your Pivot Table
    • Automatically Formatting a Pivot Table
    • Filtering a Pivot Table
    • Number Formatting within a Pivot Table
    • Refreshing a PivotTable
    • Create a calculated item
    • Create a calculated field
    • Using Slicers
    • Pivot Charts

Download this outline as a PDF.

Microsoft Excel Lists and Databases – 3hr