Adobe InDesign CS6 Introduction

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Table of Contents

InDesign Basics

Starting Adobe InDesign CS6

Opening An Existing Document

The InDesign Workspace

Understanding The InDesign Workspace

Understanding Panels

Displaying And Hiding Panels

Floating And Docking Panels

Working With Workspaces

Creating A Custom Workspace

Navigating A Document

Zooming A Document

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Shortcut Menus

Saving And Closing A Document

The Tools Of InDesign

The Tools Panel

Selecting Tools For Use

Understanding Frames And Shapes

Selecting Objects

Creating Frames And Shapes

Selecting Text

Understanding Line Drawing

Using The Line Tools

Using The Transform Tools

Using The Viewing Tools

Using The Content Collector

Creating InDesign Documents

The Document Project

Understanding Document Presets

Adjusting The Units Of Measure

Creating A Document Preset

Creating A New Document

Saving A New Document

Understanding Master Pages

Working With Pages

Creating Ruler Guides

Setting Document Bleed And Slug

Changing Screen Views

Creating Master Pages

Inserting Auto Page Numbering

Applying A Master Page

Adjusting Column Guides

Working With Text

Creating Text Frames

Selecting Tables & Table Cells

Applying Styles Assignment 1

Applying Styles Assignment 2

Editing Styles

Creating Object Styles

Applying Object Styles

Alternate Layouts

Understanding Alternate Layouts

Previewing Liquid Layout

Applying Liquid Layout Rules

Constraining Specific Objects

Applying Rules To Other Pages

Creating An Alternate Layout

Splitting The Document Window

Formatting Text

Applying A Typeface And Type Style

Changing Font Size And Leading

Changing The Vertical Text Alignment

Changing The Horizontal Text Alignment

Applying An Indent

Applying A First Line Indent

Adjusting Kerning

Adjusting Tracking

Setting Tabs

Setting Drop Caps

Applying Subscript Or Superscript

Creating A Bulleted List

Working With Graphics

Understanding File Formats

Placing Graphics In A Document

Placing Graphics

Positioning Graphics Within A Frame

Using The Links Panel

Placing InLine Graphics

Copying InLine Graphics

Embedding Graphics

Creating A Clipping Path

Applying Text Wrap

Adjusting Text Wrap

Creating A Caption

Changing Display Performance


Understanding Layers

Understanding The Layers Panel

Creating A Layer

Assigning Objects To Layers

Naming Layers And Assigning Colours

Hiding And Viewing Layers

Reordering Layers

Working With Tables

Understanding Tables

Creating A Table

Selecting Tables And Table Cells

Entering Text In A Table Cell

Deleting A Table

Importing A Spreadsheet Table

Adjusting A Table

Formatting Text In A Table

Aligning Text In A Table

Applying Colour To Tables

Preparing For Printing

Running A Preflight Check

Printing A Document

Defining A Print Preset

Understanding Ink Handling Terms

Adjusting Overprint And Trap Settings

Creating A Postscript File

Exporting To PDF

Soft Proofing

Packaging A Document

Concluding Remarks

Creating Text Frames

Threading Text Frames

Threading Text Frames

Typing Text Into Frames

Importing Text From Microsoft Word

Importing Word Documents

Editing Text In Place

Editing Text With The Story Editor

Using Glyphs

Working With Colour

Understanding Colour

Creating And Adding Process Colours

Formatting a Table of Contents

Creating Spot Colours

Applying A Fill Colour

Applying A Stroke Colour

Creating A Tint

Creating A Gradient

Removing Colour

Drawing Objects

Understanding Objects

Creating Objects

Modifying Objects

Creating Objects Assignment

Creating Objects Using Pathfinder

The EPUB Interactivity Preview Panel

Duplicating Objects

Arranging Objects

Grouping Objects

Aligning And Distributing Objects

Creating An Outline

Placing Graphics In An Outline

Formatting Objects

Applying Corner Effects

Applying A Drop Shadow

Applying Transparency

Applying Feathering

Using The Eyedropper Tool

Creating A Snippet

Inserting A Snippet

Inserting Snippets Assignment

Working With Styles

Understanding Styles

Creating Character Styles

Applying Character Styles

Creating Paragraph Styles

Creating A Style From Existing Formatting

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Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS6 – Full Day