Microsoft Word 2016 – Intermediate

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Table of Contents

Multiple Documents

Opening Multiple Documents

Switching Between Open Documents

Arranging All

Viewing Side by Side

Synchronised Scrolling

Resetting the Window Position


Understanding Columns

Creating Columns of Text

Specifying Column Widths and Spacing

Inserting Column Breaks

Formatting Techniques

Applying First Line Indents

Applying Hanging Indents

Applying Right Indents

Understanding Pagination

Controlling Widows and Orphans

Keeping Paragraphs Together

Keeping Lines Together

Inserting a Page Break

Applying Hyphenation to Text

Hiding Text

Inserting a Drop Cap

Understanding Returns

Inserting Hard and Soft Returns

Removing Returns

Revealing Formatting

Setting Word Options

Understanding Word Options

Personalising Word

Setting Display Options

Understanding File Locations

Setting File Locations

Understanding Save Options

Setting Save Options

Document Properties

Understanding Document Properties

Viewing Document Properties

Specifying Document Properties

Viewing Advanced Properties

Inserting Properties Into a Document

Updating Document Properties

Deleting Document Property Data

Excluding Recipients

Filtering Recipients

Sorting Recipients

Selecting Another Data Source

Applying an if Then Else Rule

Applying a Fill in Rule


Understanding Shapes

Drawing Shapes

Selecting Shapes

Resizing Shapes

Moving Shapes

Aligning Shapes

Rotating Shapes

Grouping Shapes

Arranging Shapes

Deleting Shapes

Applying a Fill to the Drawing Canvas

Applying Text Wrapping to a Canvas

Enhancing Shapes

Applying Shape Styles

Filling Shapes

Applying a Solid Fill to Shapes

Applying a Gradient Fill to a Shape

Applying a Picture Fill to a Shape

Changing Shape Outlines

Applying an Outline to Shapes

Changing Shapes

Inserting and Formatting Text

Applying Shadow Effects

Applying Reflection Effects

Applying Glow Effects

Softening and Bevelling Edges

Applying 3D Rotation Effects

Text Boxes

Understanding Text Boxes

Inserting a Preformatted Text Box

Typing Text Into a Text Box

Positioning a Text Box

Resizing a Text Box

Deleting a Text Box

Drawing a Text Box

Formatting a Text Box

Text Box Techniques

Linking Text Boxes

Modifying Text Box Margins

Changing Text Direction

Applying Effects to Text Boxes

Table Features

Creating a Table From Text

Aligning Data in Cells

Displaying Table Gridlines

Inserting Formulas Into a Table

Updating Formulas in a Table

Sorting Table Data

Merging Table Cells

Splitting Table Cells

Understanding Table Properties

Aligning Tables

Changing the Direction of Text

Repeating Heading Rows

Converting a Table to Text

Enhancing Pictures

Understanding Picture Enhancements

Removing a Picture Background

Correcting Pictures

Colouring Pictures

Applying Artistic Effects

Applying Shadows and Reflections

Applying a Glow Effect

Softening and Bevelling Edges

Applying Picture Styles to Images

Repositioning Pictures

The Format Picture Pane

Cropping Pictures Accurately

Changing the Picture Layout


Understanding Styles

Applying Paragraph Styles

Applying Character Styles

Creating a Quick Style

Creating a Paragraph Style

Creating a Character Style

Applying Custom Styles

Style Techniques

Understanding the Modify Style

Dialog Box

Selecting and Updating Styles

Renaming and Deleting Styles

Importing and Exporting Styles


Understanding Themes

Applying a Theme

Modifying Theme Colours

Modifying Theme Fonts

Creating a Custom Theme

Applying a Theme to a Template

Resetting a Theme


Understanding Templates

Using a Sample Template

Downloading an Online Template

Creating a Template

Modifying a Template

Using a Custom Template

Attaching a Template to a Document

Copying Styles Between Templates

Creating a Template From a Template

Tips for Developing Templates

Section Breaks

Understanding Section Breaks

Inserting a Next Page Section Break

Inserting a Continuous Section Break

Inserting an Even Page Section Break

Inserting an Odd Page Section Break

Headers and Footers

Understanding Headers and Footers

Inserting Headers and Footers

Inserting a Blank Header

Inserting a Blank Footer

Switching Between Headers and Footers

Editing Headers and Footers

Inserting Page Numbering

Inserting Date Information

Header and Footer Techniques

Headers and Footers in Long Documents

Adjusting Header and Footer Positions

Inserting First Page Headers and Footers

Inserting Different Odd and Even Pages

Creating Section Headers and Footers

Unlinking Section Headers and Footers

Mail Merge Recipient Lists

Understanding Recipient Lists

Creating a Recipient List

Customising the Columns

Adding Records

Deleting Records

Saving a Recipient List

Opening a Recipient List

Editing a Recipient List

Merging From Scratch

Understanding Merging From Scratch

Selecting the Document Type

Selecting the Recipients

Inserting the Date

Inserting an Address Block

Inserting the Greeting Line

Typing the Letter

Inserting Individual Merge Fields

Previewing the Merge

Completing the Merge

Merging to Labels

Setting Up Mailing Labels

Completing Mailing Labels

Mail Merge Techniques

Running a Saved Merge

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Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016