Health and Wellness at Work Workshop

Course Duration 1 Day 

A healthy employee is a happy and productive employee, and that is a goal for every organisation. Through our Health and Wellness at Work program your participants will experience the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and workplace.

Our Health and Wellness at Work course will be instrumental in creating a “Culture of Wellness”
within your organisation. Your participants will touch on common issues such as smoking cessation, nutrition & weight loss, and preventative care. Health and Wellness is the responsibility of everyone in an organisation so take the positive step and create a program at your organisation.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to :

  • Access Health and Wellness Program Needs
  • Plan a Health and Wellness Program
  • Implement a Health and Wellness Program
  • Maintain a Health and Wellness Program

Course Outline

Definition of a Health and Wellness Program

What is a Health and

Wellness Program?


Cost of Health Care

Costs of Absenteeism

Types of Health and Wellness Programs

Health Behaviours

Health Screenings and


Mental Health

Physical Injuries

Health Behaviour Programs

Increasing Physical Activity

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Tobacco Cessation

Substance Abuse Treatment

Health Screenings and Maintenance Programs

Preventative Care


Cancer Screenings

Annual Examinations

Maintenance Programs

Mental Health Programs

Stress Management

Support Groups


Awareness & Education

Evaluate the Need

Review Current and Previous Programs

Environmental Factors

Identify Common Health

Conditions and Procedures

Review Company

Information Pertaining to

Employee Health

Planning Process

Form a Health and Wellness

Team or Committee

Define Goals


Programs and Policies


Get Management Support

Test It Out

Get the Word Out


Create a “Culture of Wellness”

Accessible Healthy Eating


Alcohol, Drug, and SmokeFree

Work Environment

Eliminate Hazards

Evaluate Results

Check the Results

Employee Satisfaction

Revise Plans as Necessary

Share Achievements

Download this outline as a PDF.

Health and Wellness at Work Outline – Full Day