Are you an executive that needs to:

  • Prepare and present PowerPoint presentations to a board or stakeholders and need to make it better, smaller or know how to better achieve your presentation outcomes?
  • Better understand, interpret and analyse the BIG data that your organisation produces – ie understand formulas, prepare data analysis reports?
  • Create board documents but you don’t have much administrative support, or want to be self sufficient as you need to make edits “on the fly”?
  • Better manager or deal with the multitude of emails and documentation that hit your desk on a 24/7 basis.

As an executive, your needs are specific.

  • You cannot afford to waste time or money to attend old fashioned classroom style training.
  • In response to growing demand from our clients for Technology Coaching for Executives, in 2019, we launch our Executive Technology Coaching Programs

4 Programs designed to meet YOUR executive needs.

Problem Solver – A one off session designed to solve an immediate challenge or problem

Silver – a 2-3 month program designed to quickly turbo charge executive productivity

Gold – a 6 month program designed to embed new skills based on YOUR specific needs

Platinum – our annual program designed to embed and reinforce skills over a 12 month period – like a technology MBA for executives!

For more information, download the flyer Executive Technology Coaching 2019, or call our office (+61 3 9457 4745) to discuss which option would best suit your needs.

Due to the one on one nature of these programs, we have limited capacity in 2019.