Developing Creativity Workshop

Course Duration 1 Day 

Children have an innate creative ability when they are born, but for some reason adults can lose it
along the way. Your participants will move out of the mundane, be more curious, engage, and explore new ideas. Recognize creativity and be ready when it happens

With our Developing Creativity course your participants will learn how to remove barriers that
block or limit their creativity. They will improve their imagination, divergent thinking, and mental flexibility. Participants will learn mind mapping, individual brainstorming, and when to recognise and look for what inspires them to be more creative.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to :

  • Define creativity
  • Act with confidence
  • Engage in curiosity
  • Stop acting out of fear
  • Learn from introspection
  • Take risks

Course Outline

What is Creativity?

Divergent Thinking

Problem Solving

Imagination and Inspiration

Something Out of Nothing

Getting Inspired


Read More

Removing the Mental Block

Art Inspires Art

Beating Procrastination

Get Rid of Clutter

Self-Imposed Limitations

Build on Small Successes

Don’t Start at the Beginning

Improving Your Creative Mindset (I)

Open Mind

Do Not Judge

Positive Mindset

Ask Why?

Improving Your Creative Mindset (II)

Make Associations

Keep a Journal

Question Assumptions

Creative Confidence


Spark Your Curiosity

Curiosity is the Engine of



Ask Open-Ended Questions

Take Risks

Be Confident

Scared to Fail?

Fake It Till You Make It

Afraid to Be Judged

Think Like a Child


Be Curious

Play Games


Environmental Factors

Work Area

Additional Environments

Get Enough Sleep


Individual Brainstorming

Generate A Lot of Ideas

Mind Mapping


Organize and Bring Ideas


Download this outline as a PDF.

Developing Creativity Outline – Full Day