Donna Hanson productivity prsentation


Read any good goal setting book and there is always a process.

Stephen Covey’s classic The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People introduced the Urgent/Important quadrant for prioritising tasks and activities.

Why?  Processes provide clarity, consistency, and certainty.

When the process is followed correctly the result should be that it makes life easier, less stress and frustration.  Let’s face it, I am pretty sure right now we would all LOVE to feel less stress and frustration.


I’ll admit it, I love processes.

Processes provide a framework to complete a task, activity or project with clarity, consistency, and certainty.

But it also comes with added benefits.  It makes it easier to teach others when you have a process. It creates consistency when you have a process, and it creates certainty.


Earlier this year I was presenting more virtually than in person at events and client meetings. I realised it is much easier to control the in-person environment and experience, but with so many more variables when presenting virtually I recognised a need for a process.


I created a framework to create clarity, consistency, and certainty for my online interactions.  A virtual presentation checklist.  It lists the things I check every time I prepare to present online.


If you think a process might help make your life easier with virtual presenting and meetings, feel free to visit and download a copy of mine, plus a blank one for you to fill in.


I’d love to hear how it helps.