Word – Advanced

½ Day [3hrs] Hands-On Training Course

Designed for advanced users of Word this session reviews some Word basic and
intermediate topics as well as working with advanced topics such as multiple documents, creating macros, templates and mail merge.


This session is best run hands on with participants utilising a computer

What You Will Cover:

  • Working with multiple documents
  • Inserting files into existing documents
  • Creating and using formulas in tables
  • Understanding and Working with Fields
  • SmartArt
  • Bookmarks
  • Fill In Fields
  • Mail Merge
  • Creating and Working with Styles
  • Outline View
  • Tables of Content
  • Templates
  • Macros
  • Creating Macro buttons
  • Customising the Toolbar

Download this outline as a PDF.

Advanced Microsoft Word – 3 hr