Adobe Illustrator CC Advanced

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Table of Contents

The Adobe Account

The Adobe Website

Signing in to Your Adobe Account

The Creative Profile Home Page

Managing Your Adobe Account Adobe

Creative Cloud Application Manager

Working With Apps

Understanding Library Assets

Working With Apps

Understanding TypeKit

Add Fonts in Typekit

Understanding Adobe Colour CC

Understanding Behance

Creative Cloud Libraries

The Libraries Panel

Adding Elements to the Library

Adding People to Your Library

Working with Libraries

Working Collaboratively

Uploading a File to Creative Cloud

Creating a Folder in Creative Cloud

Working with Files and Folders

Adding Collaborators

Viewing a File in Creative Cloud

Making Changes to a Shared File

Commenting on a Shared File

Working with Comments

Adobe Mobile Apps

Adobe Creative Cloud Mobile Apps

The Adobe Capture Apps

Adobe Illustrator Mobile Apps

The Creative Cloud Library and Mobile Apps

Mobile Application Help & Support

The Transform Tools

Understanding the Transform Tools

Scaling & Rotating Objects

Reflecting Objects

Reflecting Objects

Shearing Objects

Reflecting Objects

Changing the Perspective of an Object

Understanding the Distortion Tools

Distorting Objects

Advanced Colour

Understanding Colour Themes

Navigating to Adobe Colour

Using the Colour Wheel

Working with Colour Rules

Saving a Colour Theme

Exploring Colour Themes

Working with Colour

Themes in Illustrator

Understanding the Colour Guide


Understanding Patterns

Creating Different Types of Patters

Applying a Pattern Swatch

Scaling and Moving a Pattern

Creating a New Pattern

Editing a Pattern

Brushes & Symbols

Understanding the Paintbrush Tool

The Brushes Panel

Understanding Brush Libraries

Using the Paintbrush Tool

Applying a Brush Stroke to a Path

Creating Different Kinds of Brushes

Creating an Art Brush

Crating a Scatter Brush

Using the Blob Brush

Using the Eraser Tool

Deleting a Brush Style

Understanding symbols

Placing a Symbol Instance

Editing a Symbol

Understanding the Symbols Tools

Advanced Objects

Understanding Pathfinder

Crating a Compound Shape

Modifying Compound Shapes

Understanding Pathfinder Effects

Reshape Objects Using Envelopes

Blending Shapes

Cutting & Dividing Objects


Understanding Effects

Understanding 3D Effects

Applying the 3D Extrude & Bevel Effect

Applying the 3D Revolve Effect

Applying the Outer Glow Effect

Understanding the Appearance Panel


Understanding Clipping Masks

Crating a Clipping Mask

Crating an Opacity Mask

Live Paint

Understanding Live Paint

Preparing for Live Paint

Simplifying Paths

Creating Live Paint Groups

Live Paint Gap Options

Applying Live Paint Fill

Adding Paths to a Live Paint Object

Using the Live Paint Selection Tool

Adding Gradients with Live Paint


Understanding Tracing

The Image Trace Panel

Using Image Trace

Expanding Paths in a Traced Image

Tracing an Image Manually

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Advanced Adobe Illustrator CC – Full Day