• What would your organisation look like if staff were less stressed & more productive with programs such as Word, Excel and Email?

  • Every day thousands of dollars of lost productivity leaks out of businesses. How much could yours be leaking?

  • We believe in working smarter and not harder with technology, because everyone deserves to be equipped to do their best at work

  • Productivity Focused Technology Training Solutions That..

    Save Time & Money

    Are Result Focused

    Are Cost Effective

  • We work in partnership with clients to develop computer training solutions that

    Increase Productivity

    Reduce Risk

    Are Easy to Implement

  • Working with you to deliver better return on investment for your training spend

  • Working with organisations to increase productivity and reduce risk with technology you already own

  • Helping you navigate the maze of computer training solutions that deliver a REAL return on investment

If you are looking for a trusted partner who will work with you to develop solutions that deliver results that reduce risk, reduce remedial work and at the same time create an opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing that extends well beyond a training room, then you’ve come to the right place.
At Prime Solutions Training & Consulting, we work with organisation’s and their teams to increase productivity, performance and profit.

We offer a range of customised, computer and soft skills training programs that focus on communication, co-operation and collaboration in your organisation.

With in excess of twenty years adult learning and development training experience, Prime and it’s team of professional, corporate trainers focuses on maximising your team’s time, whilst minimising expense.

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